Albion Conservation Consultancy

Albion Conservation Consultancy

Preventive conservation looks to strategies and solutions that prevent damage and delay the deterioration of collections and room interiors. Identifying, controlling or eliminating the underlying causes and agents of decay greatly enhances the longevity of artworks and artefacts.

The conservators of Albion Conservation Consultancy have over fifty years of experience. Our specialism has been Textile Conservation, of which tapestry conservation has had a prominent place within our body of work. We have published in The Conservator (UKIC) and Conservation Journal (AIC). Commensurate with our knowledge that the first priority for all artworks is preventive conservation, we have used our continuing study of what constitutes best practice in Preventive Conservation and Collections Management and Care to benefit our clients and their collections.

Our clients in the UK have included: The National Trust For England And Wales, The National Trust For Scotland, The Glamis Castle Trust, The Palace of Holyrood House, Perth Museum and Art Gallery, amongst many private and public collections. We continue to follow ethical guidelines, using minimal conservation practices and the documentation essential for responsible Collections and Conservation Management.